Sunday, 27 December 2009

Mp3 of the day #2 - A Leaf by Okkervil River

Here's today's mp3. It's from Okkervil River's split EP with Julie Doiron (which I finally managed to find on CD the other day, one of the reasons I'm posting it). It's a classic OR take on the murder ballad with one of their typical twists, bits of it reminiscent of The President's Dead and bits of it more like their earlier stuff.
Actually the whole Okkervil River side of the EP is pretty fixated with death; there's a good cover of the the traditional song Omie Wise and the slightly more upbeat He Passes Number Thirty-Three but it's all fairly bleak. But then you kind of expect that from this band anyway.
The Julie Doiron (ex-Eric's Trip) side is really nice too so pick this up if you see it.

Okkervil River - A Leaf

It occurs to me that this mp3 of the day thing is going to cover a lot of the kind of thing I might play on the show, so there might be some overlap. I'll try to cover different things on here; it'll probably end up being stuff I've known for longer on here as opposed to newer stuff on the show in future.

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