Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Show 22/03/09

This week's show! Mostly pop in its various (noise-, indie-, twee-) forms this week. I think it's a good one.

Minutemen - My Heart and the Real World
David & the Citizens - Graycoated Morning
Yo La Tengo - Little Honda
Cymbals Eat Guitars - Share
Stereolab - Our Trinitone Blast
David Thomas Broughton vs 7 Hertz - The Weight of my Love
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - This Love is Fucking Right!
Drean Syndicate - Until Lately
The Primitives - Do the Ostrich
Manhattan Love Suicides - Indian Summer
caUSE co-MOTION! - Which Way is Up?
The Fall - Slates, Slags etc.
Titus Andronicus - Titus Andronicus

Also, cheers to Rob from Tin Trains for giving us a mention on his blog this week! Download their show, it's good.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Show 15/03/09

Here's the show from Sunday.

Threatmantics - James Lemain
The Triffids - In the Pines
The Gunshy - May 14, 1943
The Wedding Present - Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft [Live 1987]
The Acorn - Crooked Legs
It Hugs Back - Saving
My Latest Novel - Ghost it the Gutter
Velvet Underground - White Light White Heat
Tompaulin - Days Fall Away
Dinosaur Junior - In a Jar
Slowdive - Machine Gun
Wavves - The Boys Will Love Us
Looper - Mondo '77


I have an excellent plan for next week's show. See you then!

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Show 08/03/09

Here's what we played last week. It was the 40th ever show so we had a bit of a party in the studio, with 3 guests!

Titus Andronicus - My Time Outside the Womb
The National - So Far Around the Bend
Wilco - Kicking Television
Pavement - Cut Your Hair
Fiery Furnaces - Smelling Cigarettes
Rote Kapelle - Sunday
Flaming lips - Race for the Prize
Okkervil River - Song About a Star
Absentee - Boy, Did She Teach You Nothing?
Deerhunter - Nothing Ever Happened
Iron & Wine - Flightless Bird, American Mouth
Bubblegum lemonade - Holocaust


Warning: this show may contain scenes of "banter" by certain guests which some listeners may deem offensively rubbish.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Show 01/03/09

Here's the playlist & mp3 for this week's show. James Hodgson was on again.

The Halo Benders - Virginia Reel Around the Fountain
Jeffrey Lewis - Life
Neil Young - Revolution Blues
Wetdog - Send a Delegate
Crystal Antlers - Owl
Unwound - Off this Century
Restlesslist - Hour Glass
I Heart Hiroshima - Captain to Captain
The Drones - Cold and Sober
The Velvet Underground - Beginning to See the Light (Live at Max's Kansas City)

Have fun!