Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Cameras in the Sky

Yeah, we haven't had a show for ages now (a combination of the studio being down, me being busy etc). But rest assured there will be a good one (well...) coming up soon.

In the meantime, here's a band I've been listening to a lot recently, Prolapse:

A band from Leicester from about ten years ago, somehow including a very Scots singer (maybe ranter would be a better term). They come off like a mix between the Fall and Stereolab. A horribly twisted motorik version of indiepop. It works though. A lot of their songs have an interesting contrast between the stream-of-conciousness type stuff and some actual singing from a female vocalist, maybe sort of reminiscent of the earlier MBV stuff but with more grounded guitars.

I really like this one, more sedate musically but the free word association is pretty interesting.

You can get their albums on Amazon for about a quid each, I'd say "The Italian Flag" is the best (the tracks I've posted are all from that since there's not much else on the internet).

Since we last did a show I also went to see A Silver Mount Zion at the Electric Ballroom in Camden. Good as usual, mostly stuff from the new album but with 1,000,000 Died to Make This Sound, God Bless Our Dead Marines and Microphones in the Trees (given some of Efrim's recent blog posts, perhaps a comment on the ubiquity of CCTV in the UK). Microphones is probably my favourite SMZ song I think, fantastic propulsive bassline and some room for lovely violin improvisation at the end. SMZ (or whatever variation of the name they're currently trading on) seem to spend an inordinately long time tuning between songs, and Efrim asks the crowd to make any points they might want to air: predictably, the first shout was to "Bring back Godspeed!", to which he replied: "You fucking bring back Godspeed. It's easy, just four chords and a long runway."
Worth seeing next time they're over.

From the new one:

I never realised how much of that was played on the violin before seeing them.

Anyway, there you go. Be careful when searching for "Prolapse" on YouTube.

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