Sunday, 7 June 2009

Show 31/05/09

Long show this week (which doesn't explain why it's taken so long to put it up).


The Vaselines - Son of a Gun
Quasi - Our Happiness is Guaranteed
Jeffrey Lewis - Back When I Was Four
The Gaslight Anthem - The Navesink Banks
Frank Black and the Catholics - Hermaphroditos
Sonic Youth - Schizophrenia
Wilco - Shes ' a Jar
Mclusky - Without MSG I am Nothing
Pink Floyd - Summer of '68
Deerhunter - Disappearing Ink
Captain Beefheart - Pachucho Cadaver
David Bowie - Life on Mars?
Moldy Peaches - Anyone Else but You
Pink Mountaintops - While We Were Dreaming
David Bowie - Life on Mars? [take 2]
The Hold Steady - Two-handed Handshake
Glenn Branca - The Spectacular Commodity
Elbow - Bones of You [Live]
Bearsuit - Chargr

Show tomorrow too. Be there.

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